Our approach

The why

With UK health providers overstretched and underfunded, recruitment agencies are often forced to send under-qualified nurses to take on cancer roles. Understaffed health providers are forced to accept nurses who do not have the relevant skills to add significant value to them.

Cura believes cancer patients deserve better. We want to be part of the solution.

This is why – with cancer rates soaring – we provide the right people to fight the fight against cancer. We’re in it for the long term. We provide what you need with the staff who have the right skills.

The how

Cura’s dedication to cancer staff provision makes us the solution for both healthcare providers looking to fill cancer nurse vacancies, and cancer nurses who want to work exclusively in their chosen field.

Cura guarantees quality care by thoroughly vetting each and every nurse within our technology-focussed processes, ensuring the quality of nurses is optimal.

We focus on long-term roles, ensuring patients going through the most vulnerable time of their lives see the same friendly faces while receiving expert care.

At Cura, we’re dedicated to the ongoing education of our cancer nurse community, as well as furthering cancer research. This is why we are committed to giving a proportion of our profits to cancer charities each year.

Our story

Cura’s founder Michael Helleur has worked in healthcare recruitment for 20 years. He has seen first hand how large agencies are forced to focus on quantity of care rather than quality due to severe NHS staff shortages. These organisations don’t focus on niche skills, meaning general nurses are sent for specialist roles, and placements are shift-orientated and temporary.

After losing a number of friends and family members to cancer and witnessing the fantastic yet sporadic NHS treatment they received, Michael realised he wanted to be part of the solution. And Cura Global was formed.

I want to be part of the fight against cancer. I want to be part of the treatment and the support. I want to make a difference – to those that need it most.

– Founder of Cura

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